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Hill Crest is the newest addition to the community and will have the advantage of close proximity to parks and sports facilities.
Its accessibility will ensure that it is a higher sought after home.
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The imposing presence of the three 7-storey buildings is
marked by its Greco-Roman architecture.The sense of spaciousness in the 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments
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House of Hiranandani is one of India’s most distinguished business conglomerates, highly acknowledged for developing exemplary destinations. We have crafted a truly differentiated position, bringing to the Indian industry a rich, unmatched lineage in fine architecture spanning three decades.

Drawing on our illustrious heritage, we have been distinctly instrumental in altering the ethos and aesthetics of real estate in India. Through our highly professional demeanour, commitment to quality, architectural prowess and strong ethics, our organisation is today associated with unmatched brand excellence and customer loyalty. The founding principle of our brand is ‘trust’ which is core to our operational philosophy and has always translated into action through our promise of timely delivery and high standards of client service. Read More

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The Finance Act, 2013 introduced a new section 194IA, which mandates tax withholding of 1 percent (1%) by the transferee (i.e. Buyer) on credits or payments (whichever is earlier) made to a transferor (i.e. seller) in relation to the transfer of immovable property, being land (other than agriculture land) or a building or part of the building, if the consideration for such a transfer of property is Rs 50 lacs or more. The said section is effective from 1st June, 2013.

In light of the above, the buyer is required under Section 194 IA of the Income Tax Act, 1961, to deduct the withholding tax of 1 percent (1%) in respect of credits or payments made to the seller, whichever is earlier, from 1st June, 2013 and deposit the same with the statutory authorities and produce the copy of the challan to the seller for its records. The credit of the amount so deposited would be given to the buyer only when the seller has ensured that the tax so paid has been correctly reflected in 26AS Statement of the Company.

For the PAN number of your seller, and in this case, the Company through which a contract for transfer of immovable property has been entered into, please contact your relationship manager, or customer service agent.

To know more about the Section 194 IA of Income Tax Act 1961, and to pay the tax through e-payments, please follow the link mentioned below which will help educate you on the process and steps to be followed to make tax payments online.